Glass Blocks- solution for Room which needs more daylight!

Glass blocks is creation of two layers of glass that are strictly melted in such a way to keep the space inside, essentially influencing their technical parameters.

They are made of clear glass, completely transparent or matt. They can be as well colored (depends on what you would like)- colored in the mass or just in the surface. The colors of the fittings are warm, usually they are in pastel. Glass bricks are – shiny or matte – have a wide array of patterns and textures. Patterns are more or less regular, made on the surface or embedded in the glass. They create various types of geometric figures, or if you are after antique finish you can buy or order something similar to that style as well.

The most common glass bricks are cuboid. Rectangular, triangular and even circular fittings are also available, but these are generally used as floorings, often with a pattern that provides anti-slip protection.

This glass blocks have the ability to pass light. The permeability is between 70-80%, which is similar to the double glazing. If the glass blocks are coloured the intensity of the light is on average up to 50%. The ideas of architects and interior designers give unlimited possibilities for the use of glass blocks. They rise walls from them for the skyscrapers, but also partition of the walls, or only their fragments. Glass blocks are sometimes the only solution in the walls where for different reasons it is not possible to design ordinary windows. You can finish using these blocks your : terraces, balustrades, stairs, conservatories, or balconies and even conservatories. You can use them as well to do the: shower cubicles, showers; they are used in the doors, mostly in the entrance, to provide some light in the dark hallway.s To be honest they can be used them in any room, creating large glass panels or only use them as a decorative details.

If you need a glass wall or would like to make just a decorative arrangement made from that glass blocks in your property, please first off all visit our website to see our work with this material and then feel free to call on 02087619766 or email us to and we will be more then happy to provide quote for you for this particular type of work.

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